Welcome to the corporate website Intertex Textile SL. We are a wholesale company located in Spain and we are dedicated to selling used clothing, accessories, shoes and toys.

Intertex is a company situated in the business incubator Andalusian Enterprise, Public founding of the Junta de Andalucía. We recently received an award at the awards the best business project 2015 La Rinconada (Sevilla). We are a reputable company.

If you are an importer of used clothing, watch buy a container to a wholesale second hand clothes do not know, you can take a nasty surprise. Intertex is a legal company endorsed by an official organization of Andalusia (Spain).

We also have original clothes, and tropical mix for the African market (summer clothes) .

Our used clothing comes from the richest areas of Spanish cities. We have large warehouses where used clothing is classified and completely revised.

We sell to clothing stores and we also dedicated to the export of used clothing containers worldwide.

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If you are thinking about opening your own shop clothes, accessories, toys, second-hand shoes keep in mind that the quality of the products you sell is very important. Choosing a good wholesaler that supply you with name-brand clothing worn when needed, and the amount you sue can mean the success or failure of your business. In Intertex we offer used clothes, shoes, accessories and toys for quality, known brands in Spain and the United Kingdom and the amount you sue, and we have great used clothing stores at your disposal.
In Intertex classify our products into 5 distinct qualities:
  • -Quality Cream: New or nearly new clothes, premium-known brands and even some clothing label having not been used any time.
  • - First Quality: New or nearly new clothing brand.
  • - Second Quality: Clothing in good condition but note that it is not new, or less current designs. No damage or cracks or discolouration.
  • - Third Quality: Garments that have small defects and discolorations. They are less than current designs.
  • - Rags Quality: Designed to rags for industry.

Also classified separately using baby clothes, child, man and woman. Also for summer and winter. Even in specialties such as maternity clothes, bike clothing, cycling, skiing. We have the most prestigious clothing brands sold in Spain and the UK how Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, ...
If you are a collector that goes door to door collecting used clothing, organization, company or municipality, you buy your second-hand clothes at the highest price they can offer Kilo other wholesalers of used clothing in Spain. We pay in cash and on the spot. No matter how much you have, we have large warehouses of used clothing, accessories, shoes and second-hand toys. Sell your used clothing
We are wholesalers of used clothing and we offer quality used clothing, completely revised, so you can rest easy when buying your used clothing with us. Dependability, good quality and prices of our products is what is making us grow so quickly. Word of mouth of our customers is our best advertisement. We know well the tastes of your customers, and do not hesitate, it sued in UK is what you have to sell, and that is what we offer. Contact us and see how we work. You can come see our products without any compromise.

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