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If you own a clothing store, or the textile market works and want to buy second hand clothes wholesale, just found the best wholesaler of used clothing from Spain, for quality garments, price, and the way we treat all our customers. We have large clothing stores resale so we have no problem stock, if you need the goods quickly supply smoothly.

All our garments are checked one by one, so you can be sure that all the old clothes that you buy will be in perfect condition.

We invite you to come see our store for used clothing located in Seville. We work with clients throughout Spain and the UK, also export to Africa and Asia. If you can not come to see the goods in person we send photos and videos of the same , so that when you receive compare and see that we are a clothing wholesaler formal second hand. Word of mouth of our customers is our best advertisement.

We classify the clothes, accessories and shoes depending on the quality (cream, first, second, third and rags), type (pants, jackets, shirts …) and sex-age (woman, man, boy, girl).

In Intertex classify our products into 5 distinct qualities:

  • Cream: new or like-new apparel, premium-known brands and even some garments labeled as they were not used .
  • First: new or nearly new clothing brand .
  • Second: Clothing in good condition but note that it is not new, or less current designs. No damage or cracks or discolorations.
  • Third: Clothing which have small defects and discolorations. They are less than current designs.
  • Rags: Designed to rags for industry .

Storage of used clothing

Come visit our stores second hand clothes without any commitment, you will not regret. When selling used clothing wholesale used clothing merchandise you provide is very important. You can call us, email us or send us an Whatsapp.

Best regards to all the team who make Intertex Textile SL

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