Used Clothes Export

In Intertex we are exporters of used clothing, accessories, shoes and toys to countries in Asia and Africa. If you are a wholesaler of used clothing, a cooperative or organization and have a high stock of second-hand clothes, please contact us. Reach an agreement to buy the clothing, or study the way you can export your own clothes using all our infrastructure and network of contacts in other countries.
Export used clothes in many countries are penalized at the office with important tax, even there is a need for special permits (such as Morocco for used clothing). The venture into your account to export clothing can get out very expensive. On the other hand, trust is essential in dealing with Moroccan businessmen, payments are even receiving the merchandise. If the customer, for example, open a bale of clothes and does not accept the goods, you’re left with the clothes in Africa, as it is a very expensive problem and bring it back to your country of origin. There may also be problems in the office, with the retention of good weeks, even months!

Therefore, I think you lose nothing by contact us before export used clothing . You will find that we are very clear and honest, which is not abundant today in Spain or the UK.

Used Clothes Export



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