Intertex S.L, Wholesaler Where You Can Sell Your Used Clothing

If you are a collector of second-hand clothes door to door, an organization or a municipality and you’re asking yourself where I can sell clothing of second hand ? You just found the wholesaler of used clothing that you’ll pay more for Kilo of used clothing, shoes, accessories or toys. We pay on time and in cash. There will be other wholesalers of used clothing in Spain, but we assure you that none like us so formal.

No matter the amount of used clothing, shoes, accessories or toys you want to sell, we will buy, we have large warehouses.

We are located in San José de la Rinconada, Sevilla, but buy clothes from all over Spain and the United Kingdom.

And most importantly, if you work with a wholesaler of used clothing, we improve you the price, Guaranteed.

We work with large suppliers, but also with autonomous people who collect garments made ​​his van door. No matter the amount of clothes you sell to us, we will treat you just as well. We want to be where I can sell wholesale used clothing, that you can phone any comment, agree on a purchase price and pay you instantly.

We invite you to visit whenever you want, we will treat you as you deserve. Best regards from Intertex Textile S.L


where I can sell second hand clothes


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